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            Transmission between gears and communication between hearts

            Among the top 100 manufacturers in the Chinese machinery industry in terms of core competitiveness

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            Along with our constant innovation and our quality principle of accepting zero defects in any of our products, NGC has constantly increased spending on research and development. Together, these assets have allowed us to create the complete 1.5 MW-11.X MW series of wind energy transmission products and provide them for the global market, along with a complete zero-gap service network. These products can adapt to low temperatures, low wind speeds, high altitudes, maritime environments, and other challenging working conditions. To date, more than 80,000 of NGC’s high-quality wind turbine gearboxes and 460,000 variable pitch & yaw gearboxes are in active and stable operations in more than 30 countries around the world.

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            Wind Energy Gearboxes
            +86 25 52172830
            Our Products
            NGC can provide various types of wind turbine gearboxes and variable pitch & yaw gearboxes between 1.5 MW and 11.X MW of power. All our products have passed their DNV-GL, DEWIOCC, TUV-NORD, CCS, CGC, ETL, UL, and CE certifications, and function at advanced international standards, and are capable of mass-producing first-class products for users with the highest quality standards across China and around the world. Our gearboxes’ speed ratio can be modified according to user needs, and even the gearbox design can be custom-designed according to user requirements for offshore, high-altitude, and high-temperature wind farms.


            Main Gearboxes

            Yaw &Pitch Drives

            Main Gearboxes

            These products can adapt to low temperatures, low wind speeds, high altitudes, maritime environments, and other types of challenging working conditions. Product power ranges available from 1.5 MW to 11.X MW.

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            Yaw &Pitch Drives

            These products can adapt to low temperatures, low wind speeds, high altitudes, maritime environments, and other types of challenging working conditions. The torque of NGC’s yaw gearboxes ranges from 10 to 80 KNm, and the torque of our variable pitch gearboxes ranges from 3 to 12 KNm.

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            Standardized & Modularized Platform Products for NGC StanGear Wind Turbine Gearboxes
            As the wind energy industry has developed, the market has placed higher standards on the quality, cost, delivery time, reliability, and other parameters of wind turbine gearboxes. NGC has focused on wind turbine gearbox development for more than 10 years, and has accumulated rich experience, NGC combines standardization, modularity and reliability technologies and developed NGC StanGear series product platform of main gearboxes and pitch & yaw gearboxes. This platform product has the characteristics of shorter development cycle, lower life cycle cost, higher reliability and higher maintainability.
            New Generation Serialized Platform Products for NGC WinGear Wind Turbine Gearboxes
            With the advent of wind power parity, large-scale and lightweight technologies are the main trend in the wind future. NGC successfully developed a new generation serialized platform products for NGC WinGear. The platform product has the characteristics of high load capacity, high torque density and high reliability to meet the requirement of large-scare and lightweight market. Meanwhile, its high load capacity provides customers with flexible and effective solutions for turbine upgrading, load upgrading and life extension.


            CMG Series Customized Products

            NGC not only provides a selection of standardized options, we have also retained our original custom design capacity, and apply advanced technologies to ensure reliability and ensure that the user’s products are of the highest possible quality from beginning to end, and meet a huge array of customer requirements.

            Informatized Wind Turbine Gearboxes
            NGC has integrated digital technology into its machinery in great depth, introducing status monitoring, cloud computing, big data analytics, Internet technologies, and mobile terminal technologies, thereby building an informatized gearbox system, allowing gearboxes to perceive and monitor its own status, thereby managing the gearboxes’ lifecycle information. Through the use of cloud computing and big data analysis technology, combined with NGC’s professional fault diagnosis and failure analysis expert team, these systems can evaluate the operating status of various gearboxes in real-time. When gearbox errors begin to initiate, remote diagnosis and early warning functions can be activated to prevent further failure, reducing the generating capacity loss by reducing the number of gearbox maintenance hours. Proactive maintenance strategy was adopted to improve the efficiency of wind power generation, improving the overall economic efficiency of wind energy.
            NGC Wind Energy Business Company
            Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
            Contact Us
            +86 25 52172830
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